Thank You Alfie

My first 2 weeks of sobriety back in September 2011 were pretty miserable, well actually they were just horrible. I had been drinking in ‘Super Size’ quantities in the months leading up to ‘D Day’ and as a result my mental state was poor to say the least. I was very anxious and depressed about the fact that wine was firmly off my list of coping strategies.

By complete fluke I came across a book called ‘Kick The Drink… Easily ! ‘by Jason Vale, he promised a painless escape from booze and lets face it, it couldn’t get any worse.

This book, quite simply, changed my life and has made not drinking a doddle in every situation. The book reinforces why you hate what drinking does to you (and others around you). Whenever I have been tempted, usually after a really stressful day with the kids I automatically ask myself “Would a glass of wine make this situation better ?”and the answer is always “No !” No because I am not capable of having a glass of wine, that doesn’t happen EVER.

Jason’s book  is an invaluable tool that has made going out and continuing to socialise possible. Before I read it I thought I’d have to stay in for at least 6 months before daring to step foot in a pub.

Over the months that followed I began to notice subtle changes in my life. I had more focus and zest for life, I resolved issues with my children that had been a problem for a while and was able to concentrate much more easily. Things were coming together, I was being kind to myself.

In my last wine fuelled year things had got so bad at home after losing our baby Alfie, I had hit rock bottom. Now I can see that the gift he left me is my sobriety.

Thank you Alfie x

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