Jason Vale, You’re My Hero.

I promise that I haven’t been paid by Jason Vale to endorse his (fabulous) book ‘Kick the Drink…Easily!’ but that isn’t going to stop me banging on about its wonderfulness. For ANYONE who wants to stop drinking, especially the ones who are scared stiff that by becoming sober they will be missing out on all those great benefits of booze (furry morning tongue, headaches, bad moods, embarrassing incidents, spare tyre, spending money you can ill afford, death to self respect, bad breath, liver damage – I could go on, but you get the picture; there are no benefits), READ THIS BOOK!!!

I spent my spare time on holiday in Mallorca last week reading this literary piece of soul-saving brilliance and as a result, all remaining negative notions regarding being ‘on the wagon’ that lingered after I had my last drink a year and a half ago, have been blown away. Gone, wafting away on the warm Spanish air up towards the Tramuntana Mountains, never to return.

If you refer to my earlier posts, you will glean that I was harbouring the odd   lustful thought for Imagemy erstwhile beloved Pinot Grigio. Honestly, despite being so much happier, calmer, richer, more balanced, more productive, more creative and more energetic, there was still a stubborn chunk of me that wouldn’t let it lie. Niggling somewhere in the back of my sober head, a voice sometimes whispered (pretty convincingly) ‘You will never have fun again without a drink, you are boring now. You have nothing to say, you’ve got no confidence. You have a life to look forward to that is coloured by heartache and your longing for a glass of white wine.’

After reading Jason Vale’s book, I have finally thrown these thoughts out of all consciousness – this isn’t a willpower game, but a firm belief and pride in the fact that I do not need alcohol; I am not addicted to alcohol. I would even renege on my earlier protestation that I am an alcoholic:-

Hello, my name is Lucy and I am NOT an alcoholic. I used to be addicted to alcohol, but I got over it. It’s great. Life without drinking is a life lived in truth. In vino veritas? No, the truth is out there readers, but you won’t find it in your glass of poison. (However, you might find it in Jason Vale’s book).

10 thoughts on “Jason Vale, You’re My Hero.

  1. Nicole says:

    i’m halfway thru the book and it has already changed me forever. I could cry I’m so happy. I thought I would have to use pure willpower and determination to NOT drink for the rest of my life. But I can honestly say that I don’t want a drink. I’m 24 days sober and 2 weeks ago I thought life wouldn’t be worth living without alcohol. I can’t believe the light can be switched so quickly. Thanks for your blog post!

    • Hi I’m so pleased for you! I had exactly the same eye-opening feeling almost as soon as I started reading this book. You can’t believe that you ever fell for the con trick that the drinks industry fools everyone with…such a relief to be happy and sober. And free! Enjoy your sobriety and thanks so much for getting in touch x

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi Lucy, wonderful blog, thank you. I too am a huge fan of Jason Vale, both the person and the book. Unfortunately I have been very silly and have had to read his book a few times before I finally got it into my head that alcohol does me no favours – none whatsoever! Working in the City of London in a profession that has long been connected with drinking, it has been a struggle I have to admit, even with Jason’s logical, rational and very inspirational book being constantly by my bed or in my handbag. But now it’s over, I’ve buried the alcohol-dependent me, and am embrassing the new, sober me. I feel great and very excited for the future, more excited than in a long while.

    Well done everyone, glad I found this site and I’ll be hanging around here and reading some more inspirational posts!

    Hannah x

  3. Great post Lucy!!! I too just finished the book and feel both totally liberated and at the same time sort of like “How could I have fallen for this hollow conditioning crap for so long?” Seeing myself both as an “addict” and also in complete control of the addiction by simply shifting how I see it is so insanely liberating. The mind is so beautifully powerful. I cannot wait to get out there socially and through my choices to have fun without drinking, inspire others to do the same. We just don’t NEED it and it feels sooooooooo good!!!! We need a REVOLUTION here people!!!

    • Thanks and I am so pleased that you have seen the light too! It’s a great feeling to know that you aren’t stuck in that prison any longer isn’t it?? Enjoy your new found freedom and thanks for leaving your wonderfully positive comment! Lucy x

  4. I’ve started this book and its been mind altering. I’m in the beginning phase of changing my thoughts because I’ve been completely scared to admit I have a problem..because then life “ends”. These thoughts are liberating. I just hope to adopt this philosophy and lift this burden for good…but not because I’m genetically doomed, because I just can & should.. Thanks for the reinforcing post.

  5. Hi Lucy, I am fairly new to your amazing site. I decided to become AF the day before my birthday this year (my birthday present to me!). I am nearly at the end of this book and have found it inspirational, it all makes so much sense. I am now approaching my newfound AF life with a feeling of excitement rather than one of deprivation.

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