Jane Eyre aka Lucy @Soberistas – Part 2

So delighted was I to have received the distinction of being ‘Freshly Pressed,’ I felt impelled to memorialise the occasion in some simple fashion; it is an achievement which has stirred much joy in my heart, and I could not conceive of yet another weekend passing by in the usual fugacious manner with no celebration to be had by which to mark my accomplishment, no matter how trivial. Hence, I resolved to make a reservation at a restaurant – a simple and homely establishment not far from my lodging – wherefore I could dine with my dear sister, her husband, my nephew, my two delightful daughters and my fiancé, of which you are already familiar owing to my previous instalment of this electronic chronicle.

Hitherto on this grey inclement morning, I have tended to Lily who unfortunately remains unsettled during the night, despite her being in possession of such a convivial temperament during daylight hours, her cherubic face more inclined to smile than to shed tears, and yet who persists in waking and caterwauling in the diminutive hours, attended to the laundry – I am acquainted with ladies who are blessed with the good fortune of affording minions who tend to their domestic matters, but alas, this is a luxury of which we are ill disposed and therefore the responsibility falls largely to myself, and accompanying the dog in to the grounds in order that she may micturate and stretch her limbs.

Reader, I do not wish to bemoan these domestic chores, nor the sleepless nights during which I devotedly attempt to soothe the infant’s disgruntled demeanour, nor the small dog’s visitation requirements to the garden at first light. These daily duties form the very core of my existence, and it is a life for which I am truly grateful, in every waking moment of my continuation on this fair earth. For the subsistence of which I was acquainted previously, an over reliance on liquor and a narcissistic absorption of matters relevant only to myself, was a life of no value. Carrying out my daily chores is proof that I have others to bestow my attentions upon, who would suffer privation if I ceased to be a presence in their spheres, and without whom, my life would be forever interred in to oblivion.

However, I digress – the true purpose of this instalment was to profess my thanks, to the editors of WordPress for appointing my erstwhile post, Jane Eyre aka Lucy @Soberistas, worthy of appearing on the homepage of their meritorious blog site, and to you, dear Reader, for the abundance of heart warming sentiments that have been kindly deposited at the foot of the aforementioned post.

Thank you.

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