A Bit of a Rant

I wasn’t going to blog today but I feel compelled to have a bit of a rant. I am not perfect, far from it, and certainly in the past I have acted in ways of which I am not proud at all. But since I got my act together I do try very hard to be a good citizen and do my bit for society. It would appear that in my neck of the woods, not everyone feels the same.

Walking the dog, Betty, and the baby, Lily, up to the park in glorious sunshine, I turned a corner and was forced to embark upon a slalom course in order to avoid driving the pram wheels through three of the biggest dog turds I have ever seen. The animal which produced those must be of gargantuan proportions. A fellow angry resident of the area had thoughtfully positioned two traffic cones close to the offending piles of crap, with hand written posters on them instructing the asshole of an owner to kindly pick up his dog’s muck next time, rather than letting it decorate the pavement as though it were a farmer’s field being treated with manure.

A little further on and I passed a couple of men, one wearing a high visibility vest with the name of a construction company emblazoned across it. As I passed, well within earshot, the workman (enjoying his own rant) complained to his mate that he couldn’t park his van due to there being so many (and I quote) ‘cu**s who park here and walk in to town so they don’t have to pay the fu**in’ parking fees). This was blasted out at full volume, right in to the ears of Lily, Betty (she probably didn’t notice) and me (I definitely noticed), without a care in the world.

Tutting to myself, I carried on a little further and pressed the button at the traffic lights for the green man to appear. As said green man popped up, I set foot in to the road (don’t forget I have pram and dog) and a man, driving whilst eating a bacon butty and with mobile clamped between ear and shoulder, almost drove in to me as he failed to notice the lights were on red. Oh my god.

I did grumble a little to Betty and Lily but neither of them seemed as bothered as I was about the decline in standards that we were witnessing all around us. So, now that the two of them are sleeping quietly, I thought I would get it off my chest and have a bit of a moan to you. Hope you don’t mind, and thanks for listening.


2 thoughts on “A Bit of a Rant

  1. JoseyC says:

    Better out than in I always say (rants, not dog poo). Sympathies – any of those make you fizz – all in a row I can see why you were fuming.

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