Sunday mornings are great when you don’t drink

Reasons why it’s great not drinking 

1. I got up at 6.30am (baby duties) and felt great, even after just 7 hours sleep.
2. I gave baby her bottle and then went for a 10K run with the dog. There was  nobody around except us, and we covered three parks, all bathed in beautiful early morning sun.
3. I have no regrets from last night, no arguments to undo, no bad behaviour to apologise for.
4. No hangover.
5. I don’t crave a massive plateful of greasy carbs for breakfast, thus screwing up my healthy eating plan.
6. I am not worried about all the money I spent last night, because I didn’t spend a penny.
7. My family is all happy and well looked after.
8. Even after getting up so early, I look better and younger than I have in years.
9. I am happy.
10. I like myself.