New Beginnings

Me graduating, amidst an ocean of booze.

I was the second person of our post graduate law class to arrive at the pub we were meeting in for a few drinks. I bought a glass of dry white wine, feeling the merest hint of a knot tighten in my stomach when the barman enquired whether I wanted a large or small, opting, as always, for the former. I joined a bloke from University who had arrived first and we chatted, a little uncomfortably given that we were out of our comfort zone of discussing property law, equities and trusts and the law of torts back at the nearby University. Others arrived, one by one, and more drinks were bought.

I stopped feeling awkward and shy, nipped back and forth to the beer garden out the back to smoke fags, began to feel slightly concerned that I was drunk. I sat with the bloke I had spoken to at the beginning of the night in the dark, smoking and discussing the music we liked. We moved a bit too close together, too close because he was married. There was an aborted fumble, an attempted kiss that fell to one side as we both regained some sense of what was right and wrong.

We drank more, the conversation grew louder, fever pitch, shouting and laughing, becoming the loud group of the pub. I went out for another fag, collapsed into the man standing next to me, slumped at his feet. Later, a friend from University bundled me into the back of her car and drove me home, laying me out on my settee like a corpse, where I awoke a few hours later utterly confused and out of sorts.

That was completely normal for me in the last few years before I gave up drinking alcohol.

On Monday, my friend Anita and I are launching our website, The site is aimed at worried binge drinkers, specifically women but men are welcome too! Since we gave up drinking we’ve never been happier and are full of zest for life. We feel so positive about living without the shackles of addiction that we wanted to extend our philosophy to all those women who feel like we did, prior to ditching alcohol.

Soberistas is a social network site, so if you become a member you will be able to join in conversations on the forum, talk to other members in the chat room, read women’s inspirational and motivational Personal Stories, and enjoy feature articles on all things healthy. Anita and I both believe that if we can build a community of women from around the world who come together to help each other resolve their alcohol issues, then this could be an effective way of dealing with alcohol addiction, especially for people who might not feel able/want to go to rehab or the AA.

We are so excited to find out if our project will work – I hope you’ll join our website on Monday and help us to achieve our goal. Thanks for following our blog – your ongoing support is really appreciated.

Lucy x

Ps. I had a comment just now on an earlier post, ‘How Addiction Works,’ from JoseyC. I hope you don’t mind me quoting you here, JoseyC, but I loved what you wrote; “I can’t help think we will look back and be truly horrified at how much was being drunk beneath a veil of respectability.” I wholeheartedly agree.

4 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    • Thanks Kathryn, we are really looking forward to Monday. If we get the positive response we are hoping for, then our website will provide support for a lot of binge drinkers out there…fingers crossed! Lucy x

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