No Words

I was going to write about being cross with my other half yesterday, for coming home late, rather the worse for wear after his work’s Christmas do, making a chicken sandwich and then leaving the chicken and butter out on the kitchen side all night rendering both useless and causing me to throw the two inedible items into the bin.
Then I was going to tell you about how I drove up to my lovely parents’ house, and how they had a chat with me about giving him some slack, showing him a little understanding, talking a bit of sense into me.
And then I turned the television on and listened to the news on the Sandy Hook killings. And nothing else matters.
So I won’t be writing about the above, or anything else today. My thoughts and love are with all those affected by the inhumane actions of the killer, of which there are no words to describe fully, but especially with the families who have had their beloved, beautiful children taken away from them.

4 thoughts on “No Words

    • Thanks for this comment, lets all hope that those children’s lives being lost may at least have the effect of making the government tackle the gun laws in America so that this type of tragedy will never happen again.

  1. It brought all my worries down to earth with a crashing bump. I’m just grateful to be living in the UK and with both my kids safe. I saw Robbie Parker’s press statement (father to a murdered beautiful daughter). I could not imagine having his grace or strength of character. A truly amazing human being.

    • Hi Paul, I agree. I think many parents were giving their children extra cuddles over the last few days. I was also staggered by the strength of character demonstrated by the parents who have spoken to the press; God knows where they found such strength. I just hope that Obama takes the opportunity, now that he’s in his 2nd term, to tackle the gun laws in the US. Something must change.

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