Happy New Year!

I am not the party animal that I was in my youth. Long gone are the days when I would buy a ticket in October for an all-nighter New Year’s bash, costing around £50, only to get completely out of it by about 11pm, thus never being able to recall whether or not I had actually enjoyed the night or not. I remember a few New Year’s house parties which started out as brilliant occasions, full of friends, fun and lots of alcohol, but all ended in some disaster or other (one springs to mind immediately, when me and a friend shaved off a male guest’s fairly long hair at about 3 am (with his consent, I add), only to show his new look off to his wife who proceeded to have a fit of the histrionics, accusing us of making her husband look as though he were in receipt of chemotherapy. The whole party then joined in the slanging match for a good couple of hours, before everyone staggered home in the early morning light to sleep it off. The husband wore a hat constantly for the next couple of months). wine

The first New Year’s Eve do that I went to as a drinker, aged somewhere in my mid-teens, I became the ‘girl who cries at parties.’ I have absolutely no idea as to what I was crying about, but do remember heaving over the toilet bowl for a while before finding some kind bloke who put his arm round me and attempted to force strong, black coffee down my throat. I remember nothing else. After sleeping it off, I awoke in the morning to find that I had inadvertently become the talk of the party, a strange girl (I had been invited by the two sisters who hosted the bash, but knew no one else there) who had spent hours on end gasping and dripping snot all over the shoulder of their mate who had kind of missed the party because of me. Apparently prior to that, I had also thrown a beer over some other bloke’s head who tried to snog me under the mistletoe, but whose advances were not, it would seem, particularly sought after.

It will probably come as no surprise to you then, when I tell you that I haven’t bought a hot ticket for a posh do somewhere in town tomorrow night, but am instead staying at home with my girls. This is not because I no longer wish to socialise now that I no longer drink alcohol, but because from experience I know that most people (read, people who drink) view NY Eve as an occasion which warrants getting lashed, and I do hate being around people who are hammered.

So, in continuation of our little routine that we followed last year, my eldest daughter (almost 14 and therefore this could potentially be the last New Year’s Eve that she wishes to spend with her old Mum) and me will be baking Nigella Lawson’s chocolate orange cake, which is heaven on a plate, and intended to serve about ten but easily polished off by two greedy girls enjoying their own private NY party. As that culinary delight bakes in the oven, we will get stuck into a load of beauty treatments; manicures, pedicures, facials and cucumber slices on our eyes and laugh at some really awful celeb magazines. And then, cake semi-cooled but warm enough to still feature its pièce de résistance, the molten, gooey, utterly delectable chocolate orange centre, we will stick Jools Holland’s Hootenanny on the TV and stuff our faces – marvelous.

This little party of ours also has the advantage of allowing for a meaningful New Year’s Day, rather than one spent, as I have done frequently in the past, with the mother of all hangovers, periodically throwing up and lying in a darkened room wishing that the train would stop running over my brain. I love the sentiment of the first day of a new year, a whole fresh 365 days, plain and untainted, free to do with whatever you choose, and so I value being with it sufficiently to enjoy it.

Whatever you do, I hope you have a great night, and a fantastic 2013.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Sounds perfect! I’ve got some very nice non-alcohol fizz with which I shall raise a glass, probably after a trip with dearly beloved down the local (Diet Pepsi for me and very happy with it)which is a proper community pub and back home in time for Jools ‘ Hootenany. Lots to plan for and look forward to this year, including daughter’s wedding in June. Looking forward to that and knowing I don’t have to worry about booze on her big day is fantastic. We’ll be deciding whether to stay in our exisitng house and adapt it to what we need or buy something with more land ( partly for little boys to run around in!). One thing I have learned this Christmas is that there is no drink under the sun that could ever make me feel as good as being called Grandma!

    A happy, sober and hopeful New Year to all . xxx

    • Sue that’s great news – how lovely! And I totally get where you are coming from with the sense of relaxation that comes from not having to worry about whether you will make a fool of yourself whilst drunk. I used to avoid certain social events completely because I was terrified of getting really drunk and ruining things.
      Hope you have a great time tonight, and happy new year to you.
      All the best, Lucy x

  2. Dominic Marsh says:

    Hope you have a good one! We had a family get together the other day that was pretty much ruined by drink. My sister’s new bloke failed to impress big time! Kept slurring his words and calling me an “effing good bloke” in front of my Nan (late 80’s) and my kids. Ah well… I’m just glad I’m off the stuff. My waistline and running times continue to improve at a remarkable rate.

    Happy New Year all!

    • Oh dear – you really notice it when you are sober don’t you? Good for you with the running times and reduced waistline! I have bought my road running training programme and have signed up for a 10k at the end of Feb so it’s all systems go from now on to beat my PB!
      Hope you have a great 2013 with lots of good running and happy times, sans booze!

  3. Hmm, I keep seeing all these inspiring references to running and would really like to give it a go, but afraid of doing damaage to joints because of my weight. Having said that a personal trainer did tell me I could start gently if I got down another stone from where I am now, and as I’ve three to lose before my daughter’s wedding maybe this is the place to step up and say I’m planning to start runnning from week starting 18 Feb – all tips and support welcome!

    • Sue – I think that sounds like good advice from your Personal Trainer. If you started really gently and built it up slowly I’m sure you would reap the rewards, even if you weren’t getting stuck into marathon training (immediately!). I’m reading a good book at the moment on running, which I am going to write a review of for Soberistas.com – look out for it in a couple of weeks as I think it may be useful to you.
      Lucy x

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