My inspiration – Team Soberista!!

On Saturday night I felt a teensy bit of a pang for those nights of the past, where I would stay up until the early hours with a friend, talking rubbish over a few bottles of wine. It’s the first time in MONTHS that I have had that feeling but it reminded me that you should never take sobriety for granted; it isn’t always easy and sometimes your mind plays funny tricks on you, like manipulating a memory and presenting it through rose-tinted glasses, conveniently omitting the terrible associative memories (throwing up, passing out, arguments, bad hangover, feelings of guilt and self-hatred, etc. etc.) that in actuality, are far more representative of the truth.

Anyway, I posted a blog on on Sunday morning and was overwhelmed by the beautiful, heartfelt messages that I received in response. I guess I was looking for a little affirmation that sobriety wins hands down over a booze-sodden life, any day of the week. So, the following are snippets of the comments left beneath my post, Damn You Tequila!; I will look at them whenever I have another of those misguided moments of twisted recollections, and maybe they will help you too if you experience the same…thanks Team Soberista for firmly getting my head back into gear!! Lucy xx 

I think one of the biggest hurdles we have to surmount is the glamourizing of over drinking in the media; really it needs to go the way of smoking. And one more thing, the post below by your sister should be read by everyone….she says you are just as witty and more fun NOW…..that is a big fear for a lot of us and of course it is not valid but the sexy modern ladies on telly necking taunt us daily (and are role models for our children) . Anyway, good girl, and thanks

Lucy- as your big sis, I have to say that the change in you since you quit drinking has been AMAZING and even though we had a blast at times in the hedonistic days, you are much much more fun to be around these days! I don’t worry about you anymore like i used to. The nights of bundling you into a taxi are long gone thank God!! And you’re still witty as ever… Well more so actually. You have inspired me and lots of others to live a healthier life and I think you’re awesome kid! X x x

It IS hard at times, but discovering this website and other people who go through the same as me is a massive boost and reassurance that I am not alone.

Alcohol was such a huge part of who I was and I am still discovering who I am without it. I am looking forward to investigating this site further, maybe telling my story…

…creating this website which is wonderful…it is a massive help!! I think that we all would be lying if we said there wasn’t times that we don’t think we would love to share a drink with a friend or have those carefree moments. I am trying to look at alcohol as the end of a bad relationship. Even in bad relationships there were always “happy times” and you will miss it from time to time ( even though you know you are better off without it ).

I suppose we all look at the past with rose tinted glasses and become nostalgic about our drinking days at some point but just look at what you have achieved since you decided to quit!!! WOWZA!!!

I doubt you could run this site after tucking into a bottle (+) a night or even feel true to yourself if you did! The people you have helped by starting this site are testament to your serious and deliberate choice to stop the booze. You are an inspiration to many and the site is helping more people than you could ever appreciate. Thank you so much xx

I’m happy to know that others feel the same! Every once in a while I feel like I miss drinking, like sharing a bottle of wine with a girlfriend. But just like you said, it’s a choice we make & even though we have the option to throw in the towel, we stay strong and don’t.

I listened to your radio Sheffield interview and you were totally honest about how you were with alcohol and how you are now without it. It is really easy for the media to portray this nice side of alcohol but it is sad that the other side isn’t shown.
You have done so much for yourself and all the other people on this site.


2 thoughts on “My inspiration – Team Soberista!!

  1. Honest and brilliant as usual Lucy. Being able to admit that now and again its hard, is a difficult thing to do but essential. Glad you got the affirmation and support you deserve in response, you’re an inspiration.

    Sue S xx

    Sue S xx

    • Hi Sue, thanks for that. It is important to talk completely honestly about living without alcohol I think, as part of the problem is the fact that for many people it’s the elephant in the corner and too many of us are made to feel embarrassed or ashamed when we shouldn’t do. Alcohol is an incredibly powerful, insidious drug that is marketed widely and with great impact. I am so pleased that Soberistas is allowing people to talk freely about what is, I am sure, a massive problem for millions of people.
      Thanks for reading/commenting! Take care, Lucy x

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