I like not drinking


Dinner party

For years I was scared of being sober.

Then I stopped drinking.

Quite often, I am reminded of why I love my life without alcohol. Tonight was one of those nights. Here’s why;


Whilst out tonight, my thoughts were never controlled by anxieties about drinking alcohol. All I thought about was what was happening around me; I was fully present.

I’m going for a hard run tomorrow morning to compensate for the serious lack of it recently due to the snow. I haven’t compromised my performance at all by drinking alcohol and I just know that tomorrow is going to be a great run.

My enjoyment of the evening was all real – I wasn’t acting under the influence; it was really me.

I won’t wake up tomorrow worrying about my health, something I said or that my daughter witnessed me whilst I was slightly drunk.

I got to come home and do a couple of jobs instead of letting them mount up for the morning. I know that I am 100% available for my sleeping baby, should she wake up for anything.

I ate a gorgeous chocolate pudding that roughly equated to the calories in 3 big glasses of wine.

I remember getting home.

I had a great time!

When I go to bed, I can get stuck into the brilliant book that I’m reading.

I won’t look tired/have a hangover/be sleep-deprived grumpy when I get up in the morning.

What was I so scared about? 

8 thoughts on “I like not drinking

    • Thanks for your comment – I think it’s good to remind yourself that you once made a good choice…and that it continues to have a positive impact on your life every day. Lucy x

  1. Amanda says:

    I gave up alcohol for January. As the 1st Feb looms closer I am getting more and more worried about drinking again. I simply dont want to feel as bad about booze as I used to. Your blog has reminded me why I dont have t drink if I dont want to, perhaps I will contine to stay dry.

    • Hi, thanks for getting in touch. I think it’s great that just giving up for a month has made you wonder whether you might like to continue not drinking for good. It can feel like a very scary step to take but I promise you that it was the best thing I ever did, and I wouldn’t go back to drinking for anything. Life is too short for all that regret and anxiety-ridden fear. Whatever you decide to do, I am glad that my blog has proved food for thought, and good luck with it all! Thanks, Lucy x

  2. Kats says:

    Great post. I had a night or two like that over Christmas and it struck me many times how if I had been drinking it would have been all about the drink. You don’t really realise that until you are truly present a few nights and even though your anticipation of the night might be different the week before and sometimes even though I’m a bit indifferent to going out when I do I actually enjoy it more!! It is good to be free. Drinking was exhausting!
    What book you reading?! Looking for good one!!

    • I totally agree – drinking is exhausting. I was either thinking about how much I could get away with before someone told me to stop, or worrying that I would get cancer or liver failure, or terrified of the effect that my alcohol abuse was having on my daughter, or simply trying hard to not drink too much, even though my mind was whizzing away at top speed, desperate to get drunk…what a pain! I never paid much attention to anything or anybody in my drinking days, as my mind was far too preoccupied with all of the above.
      I am reading (going to do a book review of it for Soberistas.com) http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Thirteenth-Step-Contemporary-ebook/dp/B006DHPDC4/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1359354734&sr=8-8 (put a link for you here!) which is about Native American culture, the entrenched alcoholism problem that has been so endemic amongst many tribes, and how one Native American managed to beat his own alcoholism by rediscovering his cultural roots. I’m not religious but it’s a fascinating read and really interesting to see how much of a part alcohol has played in the Native American experience. Well worth a read!
      Thanks for your comment x

  3. Judy Evans says:

    Like everyone says, I was sleeping better all through January but I don’t think not drinking made any other difference to my life and I was looking forward to a glass of wine on 1st Feb. however I did not really enjoy it. I certainly didn’t sleep as well afterwards. I enjoy not drinking!

  4. Hi there, thanks for your comment. I sleep like a log these days – I don’t think I ever slept properly when I drank alcohol. I hope you continue to enjoy not drinking, and getting some good quality sleep! Lucy

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