Sick of booze

I have been ill this week for the first time in ages. Off the back of the baby’s 2 week battle with sickness, cold and raging temperatures (she is now recovered), the rest of the family have subsequently been struck down with aches and pains and noses that are constantly running.

I had forgotten what it feels like to be ill, and have been reminded of how awful I used to feel back in the booze era, on an almost daily basis, as I struggled to pretend that I didn’t have a hangover. This week, everything has been difficult, from sleeping (nose stuffed up and unable to breathe properly), to eating (feel constantly nauseas and not even Cadbury’s Crème Eggs are doing it for me), to walking the dog and cooking dinner. Being ill is rubbish!

I haven’t had the energy or motivation to do anything other than collapsing on the settee after the baby has (eventually) gone to sleep and all the chores have been done.

The last few days have served to remind me, however, that one of the greatest gifts that living alcohol-free gives us is to feel energetic and full of health, and that even when we’re struck down with a genuine illness, our bodies are better able to fight it due to not being subjected to excessive amounts of alcohol on a daily basis. I did used to feel somewhat justified in drinking some ‘medicinal’ wine in the old days whenever I was ill; snuggling up on the settee and cracking a bottle of Rioja seemed entirely reasonable and a positive way to combat whatever illness I was suffering. Bonkers!

Instead, I have been drinking lots of hot water and lemon, sucking Strepsils and sleeping as much as is possible when one has a 10-month-old baby (and an ill one at that) to look after. Being sensible and doing the right things for your body when it is not 100% healthy feels a hell of a lot better than smoking and drinking wine in some sort of bizarre, denial-fuelled bid to be a true rebel, ever did.

When the baby wakes up, I’m going to take her out to buy her some new toys – a little treat for her after such a rotten fortnight, which included a trip to the Children’s Hospital for a super high temperature. That money would have gone on wine and cigarettes once upon a time…oh, how I love my life as a non-drinker – even with a horrid cold to contend with! Life is definitely better sans booze.

3 thoughts on “Sick of booze

  1. Yep, spot on Lucy! Something else I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks is I’ve had to work late into the evening and get up very early in the morning ( 5.30am and 6.00am) to go and deliver training. Once upon a time I’d have been shattered and jaded all day. Now, even with 5and a half hours sleep I’m tired and glad to finish at the end of the day but I feel fit and with it all day because I haven’t got booze washing around in my system – we can cope with being ill or tired can’t we if we haven’t got that toxin poisoning our systems!

    Have a lovely weekend all!

  2. Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you are reaping the benefits too – it has become normal now for me to be able to cope properly with difficulties. The idea of throwing a bottle of wine down my neck to get through the evening is just really weird! I never thought I would feel this way but living without alcohol is completely normal these days…I love it! All the best, Lucy xx

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