Happy 100

This is my 100th post and therefore I decided to use it to celebrate all that is great about living without alcohol.

I wrote my first post in August 2012 and since then the Soberistas blog has had 39,254 hits. Wow.

On the Soberistas website last week, I posted a discussion entitled ‘Best things about being a non-drinker?’ which prompted a multitude of replies – here are just some of the amazing benefits of living without alcohol messing with your body and mind, as reported by the Soberistas community;

Tea and cake, rediscovering activities at the weekend (instead of wasting it sitting in a pub and/or hungover), happy children, better sleep, more money, no guilt, enjoying the true taste of food again, reading in bed, beginning a whole array of new hobbies including crochet, increased productivity, no anxiety, being able to handle anything that life throws at you, relaxing instead of vegetating, mocktails and juices, feeling hydrated, no more checking of your mobile for embarrassing drunken texts sent at 3 am and confined to the blackout memory bin, playing with grandchildren whilst free from obsessing about wine, normal human interaction, first coffee of the day with husband (minus the recriminations over last night’s arguments), no more depression, sweating or cringing when one’s behaviour from last night is discussed (behaviour that you hadn’t recalled) in the morning,  always knowing you are in control and getting to know yourself, finally, after years of hiding behind wine. BiTN Meditation

There are many more – you can find them here; http://soberistas.com/forum/topics/best-things-about-being-a-non-drinker?id=6534268%3ATopic%3A32659&page=2#comments

My life has changed immeasurably since giving up alcohol, and for the better in so many little ways. I was up for several hours last night cuddling the baby (poorly again!) and then up at 6:45 to get everyone ready for school/work. Am I feeling tired? No. Am I grumpy or stressed? No. I just get on with it these days, and when I look back at whom I was just a couple of years ago, I may as well be staring at a stranger (and not one who I would want to know!).

Giving up alcohol works – it makes life a million times easier. I will always be eternally grateful that I found the motivation to give it up once and for all, in April 2011.

Ps. Thank you all for following my blog and for the lovely comments that so many of you have written! Lucy x


5 thoughts on “Happy 100

  1. Congrats on your 100th post! And wow, that’s a lot of hits 🙂

    That list can go on forever, in my view. The things that are achievable now compared to how it was when I drank…what a difference. We often would see alcohol as something that freed us, that opened us up, that took us to a higher level…what a crock. It was imprisoning, closed me off and brought me down into the depths of hell. For those of us fortunate to make it sobriety and recovery…what a blast it is. We can learn to be who we are meant to be, not who we think we ought to be. We now listen to our hearts, not other people’s opinions of us. We strive for a better life for ourselves and others, not just getting through the day.

    I was separated from alcohol in May 2011, so we’re almost there at two years 🙂
    Nice to have run into your blog! I look forward to reading more.

    Love and Light,

    • Thanks Paul, you have put it so well. I hope that anyone reading this who is thinking of giving up the booze understands that what we say about living life without alcohol isn’t just hot air, but really true, the way it is, and the way life should be. It just amazes me all the time how much clarity I have now, compared to the old me who seemed to be permanently wandering around in a fog.
      Well done on your almost 2 years – glad you are experiencing all the joys of sobriety too! Take care, Lucy x

  2. Happy 100th post! I’m almost to 50 posts – but only a few days of being alcohol free. I so enjoy reading about things that CAN happen – it is this community that has continued to inspire me and teach me. My journey may be a long one, but it’s the one I’m on, so it’s all I’ve got 🙂 Step by step, day by day…

    • Hi thank you for your comment – enjoy your journey, it’s an exciting path of self-discovery! I have learnt more about who I am in the last 2 years than in my whole life before that, all because I stopped drinking alcohol. I’m so pleased that you have found inspiration here and I wish you much happiness for the future. It only gets better :-). Lucy xx

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