I only have three pieces of jewellery that I have sentimental attachment to; my engagement ring, a silver bracelet that my eldest daughter bought me last Christmas, and the orange disc bracelet that I ordered to commemorate my commitment to life as a Soberista and which arrived this morning.

P1000438I had the date of the Soberistas website launch engraved on it, 26.11.12 and the word ‘Soberistas’ and I am wearing it with pride! When I look at the bracelet it makes me remember all the fantastic things in my life that have happened as a result of me stopping drinking, of all the amazing people who help each other every day on Soberistas, how my life really began properly when I decided to live it alcohol-free and how I will never let myself get as low as I was just two years ago, ever again.

I can’t take the credit for the idea of wearing a Soberistas bracelet – Katey and Josephinerina are the ones to thank for that! But I am so grateful to them for thinking up such a positive and proud way to celebrate their new lives as Soberistas. I absolutely love wearing my little orange tribute to my sobriety!


9 thoughts on “Proud

  1. Kayla says:

    I absolutely love the bracelet idea… if you don’t mind me asking, where did you order yours from? I would like to do the same for my sister and I. Thanks 🙂

  2. Wonderful! It’s very cool to have something that reminds you where you have come from and where you are now. I have a one year medallion that I have tucked away somewhere – I don’t carry it, but I know it’s there, and it’s special. i think everyone celebrates their recovery in different ways, and every way is the correct way (except maybe having a bottle of champagne!) So it’s so groovy to see your bracelet – congrats!!


    • Thanks Paul – it is nice to celebrate what is such a massive change of lifestyle and to have a permanent reminder of everything that’s gone before to look at. I know a few of the Soberistas members have or are in the process of buying something similar if not the same bracelet, so it’s a nice thought that lots of people may one day all be showing off their orange bracelets with a sense of pride, rather than feeling as though they need to hide their pasts away. It’s all about celebrating the positive choice we have made to get rid of booze once and for all!
      I totally agree with you – every and any way to celebrate recovering from addiction is correct 🙂 Lucy x

  3. Sue says:

    just thankyou – not sure if you are a charity but have nominated you as local charity award at sainsburys opposite the place I go for my exercise class at the polish club a sab

    hope you see tis Lucy x

    • Hi Sue, thanks for that! Soberistas isn’t a charity but I am really touched that you have nominated the site. It all helps in spreading the word as well! Hope you are well, and many thanks again. Lucy x

  4. Nicola says:

    My beautiful orange braclet arrived this morning and I’m wearing it with pride! Thank you Soberistas x

    • So pleased Nicola! I’m wearing mine too. Thanks for letting me know – it’s great that you too are proud to be sober, happy and healthy! Lucy x

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