Goodnight x

I’ve noticed over the last few months how much I love my bedtime. I do have an extremely busy life and am usually exhausted by the time I make my way upstairs to bed and this could be a contributing factor, but since living alcohol-free I have developed a real fondness for hitting the hay.

Night time used to mean drinking; whether at home or out with friends, when the sun went down the wine came out and bedtime was consequently a drunken affair that I barely remembered in the morning (or I would collapse on the settee where I remained comatose and fully clothed until dawn).

At the risk of sounding a little like an old lady, I now find myself enjoying the entire routine of taking my make up off, putting comfortable pyjamas on and snuggling under the duvet with the low level spotlights creating just enough light for me to read by. When the lights go out I think of all the things I will be doing the next day and feel a sense of happy anticipation for tomorrow, even when there is nothing in particular to be looking forward to. I mentally run over the day I have just had and think of the especially good moments or reflect on the things which perhaps didn’t go as I had hoped.

The dawn of a new you?

This is most likely a totally normal experience for many people but I’m still enjoying the novelty of it – not waking up with a horrible dry mouth at 5 am, no awful arguments or regrettable incidents to agonise over in the dark, early hours when the only company you have is the deeply painful self-hatred that fills every fibre of your being.

I love my cleansers and night moisturisers, my new pyjamas from M&S, the pile of books by my bedside, the feeling of health and freedom of mind and the knowledge that there will be nothing to be sorry for in the morning. I love feeling sleepy, and that the physical and mental tiredness is because I have worked hard all day and pushed myself to be the best I can be. I love knowing that I won’t look like hell in the morning, even if I’m up during the night with the baby. I love thinking of all the lovely people I have in my life.

I love living and sleeping alcohol-free.


6 thoughts on “Goodnight x

  1. So glad you are enjoying your new life. Bedtime is one of my favorite times. I love all of the rituals you are taking about. When I drink to excess, I hate missing out on them. Yet another reason to never do that again.

    • Thanks for your comment – there are so many reasons why we are better without alcohol but it has such a grip on us sometimes that it’s easy to forget them. I really value my life without drinking now, not least for the quality sleep! Thanks again, Lucy x

  2. Congratulations on not drinking anymore. My last beer was in 1996. I stopped, because I began to get a strong pain when alcohol went inside my stomach. I thought that I was going to get sick from not having a beer sometimes, but never touched another beer or alcohol again. I thought anything that gave me pain wasn’t worth keeping around. I had to listen to my body. I rather be healthy. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment and it’s great to read how you have found health and sobriety after experiencing difficulties. That’s a long time of not drinking!! I hope you continue to feel great and happy without alcohol in your life. Thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog – Lucy x ps. I MUCH rather be healthy too!!

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