Read This And Then Forget The Word ‘Failure’

Forget the word failure. Calling yourself a failure is akin to puncturing your lifeboat as you escape a sinking ship – alcohol has damaged your self-esteem. In order to break free from the booze trap, you need as much self-esteem as you can get your hands on; labelling yourself anything negative at this juncture serves absolutely no purpose. And anyway, you never set out to get into this mess, alcohol is an addictive and widely/cleverly marketed substance and you are only human. Give yourself a break and drop the ‘failure’ tag.

Allow yourself some time to recover from your dependency on alcohol. This won’t happen overnight and can be a long and painful process. Don’t give into temptation simply because you don’t feel amazing after three weeks – you should be in this for the long haul. Remember that the reason you are stopping drinking is because you want to feel happy and healthy again; that is worth waiting for.

Independent and strong is how you will feel if you can stay true to your intentions and remain alcohol-free. It is a wonderful and freeing sensation knowing that you are master of your own destiny, rather than being ruled by a bottle of plonk.

Life is precious – you only get one chance at it. The day will come when you’ll look back at all you have achieved (or not) and you won’t be able to turn round and do things differently – it’s a one-way road. Grab the opportunity to change your destiny with both hands. Make yourself proud of whom you become, and start the process today.

Underneath all the anxiety and depression that alcohol causes there is a happy, free spirit who enjoys even the simplest things, finding pleasure in everyday life. If you stop drinking, that person will emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon and you’ll be amazed that she existed inside without you even realising she was there.

Reap the rewards that an alcohol-free life brings; more energy, levelled out moods, weight loss, better skin, increased creativity and productivity, more interest in other people, a heightened desire to set and reach goals, restored self-esteem and the eradication of excessive anxiety and stress can all be yours if you adopt an alcohol-free life.

Enjoy the feeling of being back in control – forget the word failure. Failure is simply a barrier to your happiness, and whoever decided that you did not have the right to be happy? Put ‘failure’ where it belongs – in the bin along with the booze. YOU deserve better.

joyful child

14 thoughts on “Read This And Then Forget The Word ‘Failure’

    • Thanks Paul, glad you liked it. I hope it serves to remind people of the need to look forward instead of beating themselves up over the past. Best wishes, Lucy x

  1. Lou says:

    Hi Lucy, another great blog post (I have read your blog from beginning to end in the 37 days I’ve now been sober). Have you thought about getting an interview with Jason Vale for the site? I am sure it would mean a lot to many Soberistas. I have his email address if you want to contact him…Lou (chomperchops) x

    • Hi Lou, I have contacted JV a couple of times (or tried!) but no joy so far. He is very busy I know. It would be great if you could send me his email address as perhaps it is different to the one I’ve tried. Could you send it to please? Thanks so much and congratulations on getting rid of the booze, good on you! Lucy x

  2. What an incredible post – something I really needed to read. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. I’m wrapping up day 18 and so inspired by your words. Thank you!!

    • That’s wonderful to read – I am so glad you are getting along so well with sobriety and that you are finding inspiration in my blog. Keep up your good work 🙂

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