Reclaim Your Weekends from the Booze Monster!

Here’s what I love best about my alcohol-free weekends;

Knowing that I have two whole guilt-free, sick-free days in front of me in which to get things accomplished, spend time with my family and friends, and relax.

Having a mind devoid of anxiety over how much I will drink, what terrible consequences will ensue as a result and how much money I’ll plough through with repeated trips up to the shops to buy more wine and more cigarettes.

Waking up on a Saturday morning, going to the gym and having a great workout knowing that I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

Having a speedy tidy round on Friday evening and eliminating all the rubbish jobs (emptying the bin, ironing, sorting the post, vacuuming, etc.) resulting in a lovely start to the first full day of the weekend with nothing to do but the things that I really want to do.

Having more time to spend on writing my book and working on – and knowing that I will have this time, rather than leaving it up to fate to see how horrific my hangover will be, which will subsequently determine whether I achieve anything productive or not.

Eating healthy and delicious food that I know is doing me good, rather than stuffing my face full of fatty foods and carbs that I am craving as the result of a hangover. It’s all about banana smoothies, salads and lots of water for me!

glass of water

Spending time with my lovely family with none of the awful morning-after-the-night-before apologies for something bad I said or did after one too many glasses of wine.

Enjoying the feeling of real-life relaxation, rather than falling for the illusion of the alcohol-induced version,  of letting myself dissolve into a different person, someone who isn’t really me.

Knowing that everything I want to achieve this weekend will get accomplished, and nothing that I would regret or despise myself for will happen.

Happy weekend everyone!


14 thoughts on “Reclaim Your Weekends from the Booze Monster!

    • You’re welcome – I wrote it for everyone who is struggling tonight. Friday and Saturday night used to be my major downfalls – I just couldn’t resist. Now I wouldn’t touch the stuff if you paid me, happily so. Keep strong, you can do it! And you’ll feel great in the morning and for the rest of the weekend 🙂 xx

  1. A lovely post. One of the things I love about not drinking at the weekend is not having all that guilt and shame come Monday morning. I used to feel so bad, constantly beating myself up about my drinking but nevertheless repeating the process again and again …bad times.

    • Thank you, Blue Mondays…thank God they don’t happen anymore! And that endless cycle – I don’t miss it one jot! Thanks for stopping by and leaving this comment – it’s great to hear from you. Lucy

  2. Samdais says:

    Thankyou so much – I opened this at just the point I could have so easily buckled and told myself I really needed a glass of white wine after a very stressful day – tucked up in bed now – feeling very pleased that tomorrow won’t be ruined with regret and self loathing.

  3. NowOrNever says:

    Great post. I feel the same this weekend. The first sober weekend I’ve had in 8 years. I was up painting my garden gate at 8am this morning 🙂

    • Wow – I bet that felt good! There is a real sense of accomplishment to be found in doing stuff like that; beats lying in bed with an awful hangover any day of the week!! Thanks a lot for reading my blog and for your comment. Hope you have a good evening x

  4. Friday and Saturday nights were just an excuse to drink more…! For me anyway. Great list. I’m wondering… what is the book you are writing? Cheers from New Zealand xx

    • Hi, thanks for this comment. Yes I always upped my consumption at the weekend too, particularly the alternate ones when my daughter went to stay at her Dad’s. I never felt rested and ready for a new week come Monday; rather like I needed a week in bed to recover! I am writing a book which (hopefully) will help people who are trying to give up drinking. Elements of it are based on my personal experiences, and the rest is made up of case studies and advice pertaining to living alcohol-free. I am writing it in collaboration with an alcohol counsellor called Sarah Turner, and we are planning our launch for September ’13. Nearer the time I will be posting updates both on here and on Twitter, so look out for those if you are interested in reading it! Thanks again, Lucy x

  5. Sue G says:

    So beautiful and inspiring. I’m going to read that again on Friday night! I’m still struggling and need all the help I can get x

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