Lattes, migraines and alcohol

Yesterday my drink was spiked. OK, so it’s not as dramatic as it sounds; I visited a cafe in the afternoon with the other half and baby, and owing to the tortuous migraines I have been suffering over the last few weeks (something I self-diagnosed as too many strong coffees) which led to me subsequently waving goodbye forever to caffeinated coffee a few days ago, I ordered a decaf.

I was served a caffeinated latte.


I only knew this to be the case when a couple of hours after drinking the evil stuff, my head developed a familiar throbbing which I have now come to recognise as being a particularly evil side effect of consuming coffee. My eyes narrowed in a desperate bid to block out the suddenly agonising sunlight, my stomach churned and I prepared myself for the miserable few hours ahead before the agony passed.

In the same way that I’m aware of this reaction I have to drinking coffee, I also regard myself as being allergic to alcohol. I have always had, since I began my drinking career all those years ago, an inability to know when I have had ‘enough’ and a desire, once the boozing has begun, to carry on imbibing until I pass out. This was not something that developed over time in any kind of progressive fashion, this was the way I drank right from the off when I was thirteen years old.

I have been a little quicker on the uptake with regards to coffee in terms of recognising the fact that I am not suited to that particular beverage (it’s actually a very positive allergy to have, as I spend way too much money in cafes and eat more cakes than I should as a guaranteed ‘something on the side’ to accompany my lattes – without coffee, my waistline and outgoings should both shrink quite nicely), it taking a matter of months from the first migraine to my recent self-imposed embargo on caffeinated coffee. With booze it took a little while longer – around twenty two years.

There are two set-in-stone facts with regards to me, and drinking coffee and alcohol; the first will give me blinding headaches and the second will make me very ill, act like an idiot and piss a lot of people off, including myself. It may be simplifying things a bit but considering myself to be allergic serves to remind me that when it comes to these two beverages, I am far better off steering well clear of the pair of them.

Now where’s the chamomile tea?

4 thoughts on “Lattes, migraines and alcohol

  1. I can so relate. I quit drinking caffeine a little over a year ago and sometimes (like yesterday) I think, oh I’ll have a coffee. And I am always so sorry. I think, like you, I have a better idea of the fact that coffee just isn’t for me. I was thinking yesterday after I stopped myself at one cup of coffee, wouldn’t it be nice if I could do this with alcohol? But sadly that’s not the case and although the side effects of drinking caffeine aren’t as terrible, I agree with you. It’s best to just consider myself allergic.

  2. I can relate so much to this post! I stopped drinking coffee of almost two years and I was amazed by the change my body felt without all that crazy caffeine! About 6 months ago I started drinking it again and had to learn the hard way that I just can’t drink the stuff. Same with booze! Both liquids we’re things I would drink in binge quantities even though my body begged me to stop! With the help I’ve received I no longer have to be a slave to everything and anything. I’m so grateful to have choices today, even for those little things 🙂

  3. eacarrington2 says:

    I usually have 2 cups at home and stop. Rarely do I spend money at a coffee shop. I use a natural sweetener stevia instead of french vanilla creamer which is not good for me nor my waist line. I also use this to sweeten my water bottle in the car. Day 8 AF, no urges.

  4. cc says:

    Hate to be the one to break it to you Lucy but its not actually the caffeine in coffee that triggers migraine so even de caff can cause them. It might have to be camomile tea all the way !

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