Was That Me..?

Today’s post is a guest blog by Stacey Brunt, a Writer, Actor and Teacher based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Her written works include plays, poetry and fiction. She has also recently begun attending “Open Book” writers group at Brampton Manor, Chesterfield.



Was that me?

Vessel in hand

Mascara striped face

Empties littered the floor


Was that me?

Crying for help

Screaming out loud

Needing; more and more


Was that me?

Lying through teeth

Stumble on road

Longing it to hit


Was that me?

Sweat stained sheets

Vomit marked mat

Wallowing, deep in pit


Was that me?

Alone and afraid

Crawling in skin

Wanting and needing an end


Was that me?

Crisp hospital bed

Wired, head spinning

Or was it make-pretend?


Was that me?






THIS is me…

Head held high

Clear glass eyes

Not really how it was planned



Step out in sun

Inhale, now exhale

Holding onto your hand…


For My Mam, Fran.



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