Who will you vote for Member of the Month?

The countdown starts here! In 25 days, Soberistas.com re-launches with loads of fabulous new features and a great, refreshed design.

When you answered our survey a few months ago, you provided us with masses of brilliant suggestions about how we could make Soberistas even better, and it is these that we have based the re-launched site on. Over the next three and a half weeks, we will tell you about some of the additional features which you will be able to enjoy from January 2nd onwards.

We wanted (and many of you suggested in the survey) to introduce a method of celebrating your achievements on Soberistas – either for reaching a particular sober milestone, fighting your way successfully through a particularly challenging period and remaining alcohol-free nonetheless, or for going the extra mile and reaching out to another member of the Soberistas community to support them through a rough patch.


With this in mind, we will be introducing Member of the Month which will allow you to nominate a special Soberista for our monthly award – an engraved (the winner chooses the words to be engraved) disc bracelet which can be worn as a reminder of all that he or she has achieved.

The bracelet, by Merci Maman, comes in a variety of colours, and a male and female option. We will let you know in advance the email address to which you can send your nominations. The Member of the Month will be announced on Soberistas, Twitter and Facebook at the end of each calendar month, and the winner will then be able to select his/hers bracelet of choice which will be delivered, gift-wrapped, to their door!

We can’t wait to find out who our first Member of the Month will be – look out for the special email address, which will be revealed on Soberistas.com, Twitter and Facebook within the next couple of weeks, in order to start sending in your nominations!


10 thoughts on “Who will you vote for Member of the Month?

  1. Sue says:

    I knew immediately who I will nominate – someone who seems to be on the site virtually all the time since it’s inception – I wonder if you can guess who it is ?

    • I’m no good at guessing Sue, sorry! Look out for the email address to which you can send your nominations – I’ll post it on Soberistas.com within the next couple of weeks! Thanks, Lucy

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