Soberistas Survey Results, Webinars and Meet-Ups!

We had hundreds of responses to the recent survey we carried out on Soberistas, so a big thanks to all those who took a few minutes to complete our questionnaire. There were several key areas that we wanted to discover your views on, including webinars and physical meet ups. Taking into consideration everything you told us (and we were thrilled to find out that, according to many of those who answered the survey questions, we do appear to be getting most things right!), we are now in the early planning stages of the official Soberistas meet-ups. Watch this space for more information (we are looking at the end of November for our first one) about these.

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Tonight, all our paying members (who took out a subscription prior to the evening of Monday 28th July) will be able to access the first of our webinar series – hosted by Dr Julia Sinclair, Soberistas’ resident addictions specialist doctor. Those who have taken out a membership since that time will be able to access the next of our webinars, which will be taking place on August 31 (and subsequent ones thereafter).

In the recent Soberistas survey you told us that you were equally interested in the subjects of health, fitness, alcohol-related medical issues, personal experiences of alcohol dependency and life coaching, with regards to future webinar content. Bearing this in mind we have lined up some fantastic experts over the coming months who will all be delivering a presentation followed by a short Q&A session. And if you can’t make the allotted time slot for the live presentations, you’ll be able to watch at your own convenience any time after the events have taken place.


So, a bit of information about our next webinar; Fitness, health & lifestyle coach, presenter, writer & motivator and a regular presenter on BBC Radio Oxford, George Anderson will be delivering a webinar about ‘clean eating’ and how the elimination of toxins from our diet (including, obviously, alcohol!) can result in weight loss, a more even mood, and increased energy. George has signed up to run ten marathons in ten days in September, so he definitely knows how to get a body in shape! We’ve timed this webinar to fit in with the post-summer assessments we often make of our lifestyles following the indulgences of the summer break.  

Tonight’s webinar will kick off at 8 pm, introduced by me (Lucy) and then moving straight on to Dr Julia’s key discussion points, including;

What is alcohol dependence?
Can I just stop?
How can I cut down safely?
How do I work out how much I am actually drinking?
What is a detox?
What is rehab?
Isn’t it all just about will power?
Why am I so tired despite stopping drinking?
What about my mood?
Will my panic attacks go away?

We hope you can join us tonight, and that you’ll really enjoy the Soberistas webinar series. Don’t forget that if you become a paying member before 6 pm on Monday August 25th 2014, you’ll be able to access our future webinars, including the next one by George Anderson.


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