On being Freshly Pressed, and a massive thank you!

Last week I was lucky enough to have my WordPress post, Thirty-Something, selected to be Freshly Pressed. Since then, the post has received 304 likes and my blog has attracted almost 300 new followers – which is amazing!

I’m writing this post to say thank you to everyone who took the time to read ‘Thirty-Something’, for all your lovely, kind comments and for choosing to follow the Soberistas blog.

Here’s a little bit of background about what Soberistas is, and what it is that we hope to achieve through our online community. I used to be (as you will know if you have read any previous posts) a bit of a piss artist. I employed every trick in the book to maintain my ‘head in the sand’ approach to drinking, and it was only when I woke up in hospital in the early hours of one morning in April, 2011, that I found the strength and determination to quit booze for good. About a year and a half later I launched Soberistas.com; a social network site aimed at women who knew they had issues with alcohol and who wanted to explore their options with regards to sobering up.

Full new logo

The site is essentially a non-judgemental and supportive online space, and the peer support it offers has now helped countless people turn a corner and become alcohol-free. We have members from across the globe, all of whom make up an amazingly inspirational community. As time has gone on we have added new features to Soberistas including our Ask the Doctor page, monthly expert webinars and a book club. In February 2015 we are holding the first Soberistas Run, which will be a fabulous opportunity for our members to meet up in person, celebrate their new alcohol-free life, and also to raise money for the British Liver Trust.

One of my main goals when I set up Soberistas was to help break down the stigma associated with alcohol dependency – I never wanted anyone to feel the shame that I felt when I awoke in hospital with no memory of how I had arrived, and the subsequent self-loathing I experienced upon getting out of there. So many people have dependency issues with alcohol, from all walks of life and with a myriad of different drinking tales to tell. There is no shame in falling foul of such a highly addictive, freely available and excessively marketed drug – the only shame is in that there is so much hypocrisy and prejudice aimed towards those who struggle with managing their alcohol consumption.

So, that’s a little bit on what Soberistas is about, and if you are one of our new followers then a massive thanks to you for your support. I hope you enjoy my posts.

Lucy x


5 thoughts on “On being Freshly Pressed, and a massive thank you!

  1. suz says:

    I personally love your posts and, although I have remained quietly in the background, this post made me yearn to reach out and say thank you.

  2. Congrats on Freshly Pressed, your sobriety and most of all Soberistas which is such a fabulous community site .. I love what you write about the hypocrisy surrounding the stigma of having alcohol issues.. it truly is astounding where we are at as a race of people… your ‘head in the sand’ applies to so many of us and our societies as a whole – it’s crazy! I love that you are breaking down the walls and carrying so many with you. You’re such a trailblazer for me.. I remember watching a clip of you on a Morning news programme just before I was about to go on the tele here in New Zealand and you made me feel brave and strong… a change is coming I do believe it… great job for all that you do. Love from Down Under! xxx

    • Hi Mrs D,
      Great to hear from you and thanks a lot for your message. It means a lot to me – your book is often discussed on Soberistas and many of our members have said how much they can relate to your story. Great work yourself! If you ever find yourself over in the UK we should definitely hook up :-). Thanks again, Lucy x

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