Sexy Sober Summer

I just looked up the word ‘sexy’ in the Oxford English Dictionary and after the first two definitions of the word (1. Sexually attractive or exciting. 2. Sexually aroused), I came to the one I was after: Very exciting or appealing. Why was I looking for the meaning of the word ‘sexy’, you may well be wondering. Well, today is the beginning of Sexy Sober Summer, a month-long campaign brought to you by TV presenter and Soberista of nine years, Carrie Armstrong, and me Lucy Rocca.

Carrie and I both feel passionately that being sober is super sexy, amazingly appealing and very exciting. Being alcohol-free should never be about feeling bereft because booze is no longer on the agenda, but instead be a celebration of all the brilliant benefits of life without drinking. Because, we believe, life IS very exciting and appealing as a Soberista.

A big hurdling block for me during my first year of sobriety was that I thought I was terribly sexy when I was drinking, ergo I was dull as ditch water when I wasn’t. Let’s examine this misconception for a moment. Falling into an empty bath is not sexy. Ditto with regards to throwing up in your sleep. And I don’t think I was looking especially hot as I slipped down a big muddy bank and landed in a rose bush at the bottom, where I scratched all my legs and suffered some pretty ugly bruising too. And yet, the power of advertising, the loosening properties of alcohol, and the Dutch courage that we’re injected with after a couple of drinks all worked their magic and led me to thinking that I was rather desirable after I’d sunk a few. When I stopped drinking, I had to completely rethink my identity and find a way of feeling glamorous and sexy that didn’t involve pouring vats of wine down my throat.

Summer can be a particularly tough time to stay off the booze. You may find yourself invited to barbecues or for drinks in a pub beer garden, a beautiful wedding reception at which everyone is getting drunk with gusto, or going on holiday and feeling bombarded with the temptation to drink at every turn.


Therefore, Carrie and I thought this would be the perfect time to launch a campaign that celebrates all the sexiness of sobriety. It’s interactive, so we’d love you to send your photos and thoughts on your own Sexy Sober Summer to the following places: or the Soberistas Facebook page or tweet us on @soberistas or @CarrieArmstrng using the hashtags #sexysobersummer or #SSS or send to Instagram @SexySoberSummer. We want to compile a catalogue of inspiration and motivation to help anyone who wants to stay sober this August, and the more stuff we can add to it, the better.

The month will be broken down into three components: Mind, Body and Soul, and the posts and photos we’ll put out there will reflect these areas. So for the next ten days it’s all about the mind and how not drinking can really boost your mental wellbeing – resulting in a more confident, sexy YOU!

sunset in heart hands

Tell us what you’ve done to help your sober holiday go with an alcohol-free bang, share your tips for surviving social events without the booze (when all around you are getting sozzled) and send us your photos of you looking amazing as a sexy Soberista. For more information on Sexy Sober Summer (as well as for a brilliant hour of inspirational viewing) you can watch Carrie Armstrong present the most recent Soberistas webinar from Tuesday 28th July, on the Soberistas Webinars page (Soberistas subscribers only).


Carrie and I really hope that you will find the next few weeks helpful, motivational and supportive – it would be fabulous if there were people everywhere enjoying a Sexy Sober Summer, and looking and feeling a whole lot better for it!


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