The luxury of sobriety

Here are Carrie Armstrong’s thoughts on enjoying luxury in sobriety…As part of the Sexy Sober Summer Campaign that Carrie and I are running throughout August, this post highlights the enjoyment to be found in pampering ourselves once the booze has been removed. When you are no longer hurting yourself through alcohol misuse, you can really reap the benefits of treating yourself. Lucy x

How To Be a Sober Girl

photo (1)

I’ll need that money for drinking.

With alcohol abuse comes a shutting down of wider life experiences. Breaking it all down to the smallest piece possible. Just the basics. With a fixation on one thing comes a shoving to the side of all others. When the need and want and obsession take over, there is a switch of focus from living to surviving. Not many people need luxury items to survive.

No frills. Waste not want not.

Stopping drinking and keeping doing it requires making the world around us a bigger place. I’ve said that enough times, it’s just boring to bang on about it anymore. But what doesn’t get discussed very often is the need to stop living on just the basics. On settling for less. If you want long-term sobriety in a way that is meaningful and useful? It’s time to raise the bar a great deal higher than where…

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