Sugar No More!

I write this feeling slightly below par. Not mentally, I feel pretty good about things in that respect, but physically, I am somewhat run down. I’ve had a manic schedule this week plus my toddler has been ill, neither of which has helped. But this is me and I am, as ever, on the search for a solution. I don’t like accepting less than perfect and if I know I can change my situation for the better then I usually do – or at least try to.

Yesterday I loaded up on Strepsils and Soothers and snuffled my way through the day as best I could with tissues sprouting from every pocket. Today I am desperate to be back to normal, and have decided to embark on a month of super healthy eating to try and boost my energy levels and natural defences. So, here I am with a juice and smoothie recipe book at my side, and a lengthy shopping list consisting mostly of fruit, nuts and vegetables.


I know that accountability works fantastically with anything like this, so I’m planning on blogging my way through this journey – if you are in the same boat as me (wanting to lose a few pounds, feeling a bit rubbish as the seasons change, and looking for more energy), you might want to join me. It’s nicer with company!

As well as the aforementioned ban on processed food and (not the technical term I know) general crap, I am also going to make a specific effort to eliminate sugar. I hate being reliant on something and I know I’ve got a bit of a dependency for the sweet stuff. Sugar is ridiculously addictive, and concrete proof of this can be found in my delving into the biscuit tin every night whereupon I plough my way through multiple Kit-Kats and/or chocolate Hobnobs (ostensibly bought for the children). This uncontrollable urge to gorge on sugar creeps up on me; what starts out as the odd treat gradually becomes a fully-fledged sugar habit, and I hate it. I hate how rubbish I feel after eating the stuff. I hate knowing that I’m not in control of what goes into my body.

Does this sound at all familiar? Yes, I know, I could be writing about booze here. And it’s the same process at work – so I’m going to address it with the same remedy that I used for alcohol.

Starting out, I am 9 stone and 4 pounds. And most days I’m generally scoffing (in terms of sugary stuff) a piece of cake plus a few biscuits. I exercise a decent amount, running and yoga being the main activities. Not a problem there. But sugar…cold turkey starts here.


This desire to improve my diet may well be heightened by the fact that I’ll be forty years old next week. As we age, weight becomes easier to gain and harder to shift, and I suppose I am motivated by a desire to hang on to my youth for just a little bit longer…will all this help in my efforts to look and feel rejuvenated? We shall see. If you are going to join me in this, please add your comments below and let’s support each other. I’m expecting to feel grumpy without sugar in the first few days, and hungry initially, as my body adjusts to a greener diet.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂


11 thoughts on “Sugar No More!

  1. Good luck! They say: eat your fruits, juice your vegetables otherwise you will ‘just’ be replacing the processed sugar with fruit sugars.
    I did it for 14 days, then collapsed into a sugar binge and got over the top depressed with feelings of drunkenness and nausea. I am super sensitive to sugar, but just saying, you might want to take care you don’t go there too with the binging. When eating sugar daily I was ‘ok’, with the no sugar for a while and then binge -> disaster.
    It is my experience by the way that my brain fog only clearef after the fruit sugars go down to 2 pieces of fruit a day. No wheat. I did eat potatoes and carrots though.
    Hmmm, reading that back I guess I’m still in the depressed mood :-D. I wish you an interesting sugerless journey! I found that things sort of tend to fall into place when ditching the sugar as we ditched the booze.
    xx, Feeling

  2. I never liked sweets while I was drinking wine. Guess the wine gave me enough to satisfy. Now AF, I seem to crave the sweet stuff! I’m not sure I can go totally sugar free since it is hiding in most food, but I will join you in the attempt. Love your blog! Your writing is spot on to where I am in my journey.

    • Hi and thank you! Great to have you on board too. I wasn’t bothered about sweet stuff when I drank either, but the lack of off switch totally applies to sugar with me as it did with alcohol. I can polish off a whole (giant) bar of Fruit and Nut no problem…Good luck and stay in touch. Safety in numbers 🙂

  3. Good luck. Be careful with yourself. Being overly deprived or focused on perfect eating(whatever that means) can be a dangerous place.

    Oil of oregano. It cures everything and doesn’t require quick fix diets!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I’ll join you in this challenge. I’ve been sober for over a year but have picked up a mean addiction to sugar. And, of course, now have a few pounds to lose. 🙂

    • Great! Thank you for joining me – so far today I had a wobbly moment when I bought my daughter a marshmallow chocolate brownie, and also in the supermarket when I realised that my usual drink on a Friday night (Beck’s Blue) had better be struck off the shopping list too. Now that the cravings have passed I’m feeling ok and am happy with my sparkling water! Good luck – let’s see how we go on! Lucy x

  5. sue says:

    good luck despite today being 143 without alcohol- you see i am still at that counting every day stage – i am beginning to gain weight. i have very nearly made this an excuse to drink again so it was good to see you state that as you get older it is harder to keep the pounds off! I am 61. so thanks again for being such a role model and keeping us all on the right path- Good Morning Britain was great also. Sue

    • Hi Sue – so lovely to hear from you and fantastic news that you are now on day 143. Thank you for your feedback on the TV appearance too – glad you saw it. Keep in touch and keep sober, you’re doing so well. Take care, Lucy x

  6. Workinprogress says:

    I gave up sugar four and a half years ago after reading David Gillespie’s book ‘The Sweet Poison Diet’ which is a how-to book for the process and very helpful.
    I lost 8 kilos and since then my weight doesn’t vary, which, after years of non-stop dieting, is great.
    I still eat fruit, but that’s the only fructose I allow myself. To my amazement, I have completely lost my taste memory for sweet things, so when I see something like chocolate or cake, I can’t remember what it tasted like, which makes it easier to avoid. After the first year, I decided to relax the rules and ate sugar at Christmas, and was right back to where I started from with massive cravings! The first few weeks are very difficult, with headaches and general withdrawal symptoms, but they pass. As with giving up alcohol, one of the most difficult aspects was other people pressuring me to have ‘ just one small piece, or slice’.
    I’m not having such success giving up alcohol, so I’m going to go cold turkey, as you are with sugar, and see how I go. As Ainsobriety suggested, though, it’s dangerous to give up more than one thing without feeling deprived.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog: it’s an inspiration😊

  7. Good luck. I’ve developed a sugar habit since giving up booze – it just seemed to come out of nowhere. (Not so much now I think about it or read other people’s accounts of sugar addictions!) I’d occasionally have an ice cream or chocolate and now I want it all day every day!! It’s hard to explain as well and the whole ‘just have one….’ Piece of advice….
    I eat healthy otherwise and exercise a lot. So go! Be strong! Inspire me sober sister!! 😉
    Hehe – seriously tho good luck. X

  8. I noticed that when i was drinking, i never had sweets!! Only salted foods!! I always said, sugar doesnt mix with Beer😣 that pretty much kept me from indulging in sugar. But since i havent drsnk a drop in 11 years, 4 months, ive indulge myself in the sweet slender i knew intimately as a kid!! To be deprived all those years…. i sure did start making up for lost time. As the years passed ive tried to moderate it, but like any addiction, sometime its best to cut the majority of it off your list…. i love Green Tea and its just sweet enough to take the edge off. BUT ITS ALSO A GREAT ANTIOXIDENT!! 😊 GOOD luck with trying to replace it… with a Toddler, youll find its a good idea to show a good example 😆 she wont miss it!! 😊

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