A Free Christmas eBook, and…

Because it’s December and therefore a particularly challenging time of the year to avoid booze, I wanted to tell you about a couple of projects I’ve been working on over the last few weeks with Carrie Armstrong that may be of help to you in staying happily alcohol-free during the festive period. Carrie, for anyone who doesn’t know, presented a couple of the Soberistas webinars a few months ago, and is a tour de force of sobriety, and a whirlwind of ideas.

Together, we’ve written an eBook which is full of helpful hints and advice for staying sober during the festivities this Christmas. We’ve both experienced our fair share of horrific drunken moments throughout numerous Christmases and New Year’s Eves, and so to help you avoid doing the same, we’re giving you this eBook completely free. Please share amongst anyone who you think may benefit from it – it was written specifically to help people avoid alcohol during their work’s Christmas night out, but all the advice and information in it is relevant for staying sober wherever and whenever there is masses of booze on offer and loads of pressure to drink the stuff.

You can access the eBook by clicking below.

Carrie Lucy Christmas eBook

And secondly, Carrie and I have made a little calendar for 2016. It’s a bit different to your regular calendar, as this one has been created as an aid to staying sober. And not just sober, but happily sober! Every month shows Carrie or me doing one of the many things we love to do now that we don’t drink alcohol, and there’s a message with each month explaining why that particular activity keeps us on our sober paths. And throughout the year, we’ve highlighted loads of fun, weird and occasionally bonkers National Days to give you ideas for how to spend all your sober free time!


If you fancy a calendar to hang on your wall at home to help make 2016 your best sober year yet, please email us on either lucy@soberistas.com or lifeafterthechair@hotmail.com and we’ll let you know how to get your hands on one. From the sale of each calendar, we will be donating £1.50 to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

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