Happy 3rd Birthday Soberistas!

On November 26th 2012, Soberistas.com launched. Within a year, twenty thousand people had signed up to join this brave and determined community, all seeking a happier and healthier life without alcohol. Today there are almost 34,000 registered members and the site continues to flourish, providing a non-judgmental and safe haven for anyone with alcohol issues to come and offload, to seek support from a group of friendly and inspirational Istas.


So where did the idea for Soberistas come from? I was a heavy drinker who mostly thought it was normal to drink myself into oblivion several nights a week, to fall into drunken stupors on dates, and to throw up noisily in pub toilets on a regular evening out with friends because I just couldn’t stop boozing once I started. It bothered me intermittently, this lack of control with regards to alcohol, although never sufficiently enough to make me stop drinking altogether. But it really gave me a kick up the backside one morning in April 2011 when I woke up in A&E covered in congealed sick (sorry for the grossness but it was, well, gross), and with a complete blank where my memory should’ve been.

Stopping drinking was easy. Deciding to stop was easy, but staying stopped and feeling happy about it? That was the tough part. Urrgh, become a boring teetotaller? Never get drunk and dance on tables again? No more sitting around in restaurants talking until the cows come home, with bottle after bottle of red on the go? No, that all sounded like my idea of hell on earth.

My discomfort in the idea of becoming a sober woman in my mid-thirties led me to a light bulb moment one day, when the idea came to mind of a social network website that brought together a lot of like-minded women (and a few So-Bros!) from all over the world, who would help one another feel less alone and not so desperate about the fact that alcohol had simply stopped working for them…I saw the website in my mind, as clear as day, and I still have a sketch of it on a scrap of paper, which doesn’t look a million miles away from how Soberistas looks today.


So that’s how Soberistas came to be in existence, but it could never have become the inspirational and heart-warming place that it is without our members, the individuals who blog and comment every day, helping so many other people recognise and begin to resolve their own drinking issues, as well as working through their own relationships with alcohol – and learning to live without it.

As a thank you, we are holding a 3rd Birthday Competition – and the prize is a rather gorgeous Clarins advent calendar, a lovely pre-Christmas treat full of miniature Clarins beauty products. In order to enter, all you need to do is write a blog on Soberistas.com stating exactly why you love being a Soberista. There’s no maximum or minimum word length, but you will need to tag the blog ‘Soberistasbirthday’ (all one word please) in order for it to be included in the entries. The competition closes at midnight (GMT) November 26th 2015 and we will announce the winner during the following week. This competition is open to all our members worldwide.

Soberistas Competition Time

If you have already become a paying member of Soberistas you will now be able to access the brand new Soberistas Discount Club (SDC) page on the Soberistas Website. Here you’ll find a range of products and services offered at a discounted rate especially for our members. The companies we’re partnering with in order to bring you these discounts will change from time to time, so don’t forget to check the SDC page periodically to see if there’s anything that may be of interest to you. (You’ll find the SDC page under the ‘Books’ tab on the menu bar of Soberistas.com).

At the moment you can access promotional codes for an amazing women-only boot camp in Mallorca set in the mountains and close to the Mediterranean Sea, Daniel Sandler make-up products, anti-ageing products from Rejuvenated and beauty delights from Ginvera, as well as gorgeous jewellery from Merci Maman (providers of our Member of the Month bracelets), as worn recently by Kate Middleton!

You can also buy 2 standard entry tickets to The Anti-Ageing Beauty Show (showcasing the latest innovations in anti-ageing treatments and products at London Olympia, Kensington, on 10th-11th May 2014) for the price of 1 and pay just £18 (normally £36).

In addition, absolutely everyone who has already taken out a subscription to Soberistas, or who does so before midnight (GMT) on May 18th 2014, will be entered into a competition to win one of three fabulous prizes;

Ginvera Prize image 1

Ginvera Beauty Packs x 2 worth £150 each

Rejuvenated ‘Look Younger in 2 Weeks’ pack x 1 worth £119.90

This is just our way of saying thanks to all those members of Soberistas who have supported and helped build the community so far, and who are helping to ensure it continues in the future.

Soberistas Advent – Competition Time!

As a thank you for all your fantastic contributions, helpful advice and general wonderfulness on Soberistas.com, we are today launching a competition that could see you enjoying a free Virgin Spa Day at one of a number of locations across the UK, worth £99!

All you need to do in order to be in with a chance to win this fabulously indulgent treat is to complete the following sentence in no more than 100 words;

“2014 will be my best year yet because…”

Our favourite answers will be featured on Soberistas.com on January 2nd 2014, the date of our exciting re-launch.

Magic water, magic nature, beautiful blue effect

This competition is only open to UK-based Soberistas. The competition closes at midnight on December 27th 2013. The winner will be informed on January 2nd 2014. To enter, please send your answers to competition@soberistas.com and mark the subject box ‘SPA’. Please state if you wish to remain anonymous should we wish to publish your answer on Soberistas.com.

For further details of this prize please follow the link below.



Lucy x

PS. Apologies to our Australian, American and other non-UK members. We are only able to offer this prize to UK-based Soberistas but we hope to run similar competitions in the future with prizes for members located elsewhere.

Soberistas Advent Reveal…Book Club

On January 2nd 2014 we will be introducing the Soberistas Book Club. I’ve posted this blog to tell you all about it and how it will work – I hope you decide to sign up as I think the Book Club will be something enjoyable to do with all those spare, booze-free hours! Plus, if you get in quick, there’s the chance of winning one of 2 free copies of our first Book of the Month. To find out more, read on…

How does the Soberistas Book Club work?

Sign up (for free) to Soberistas.com if you haven’t already done so. You’ll need your username and password to be able to post your comments/reviews on the Book Club page.

Each month we will select a Book of the Month – you enter the competition (details will be given on the Book Club page of Soberistas.com when it launches on January 2nd and are also detailed below) to win a copy, if you wish, or buy/borrow the book (we will never choose a book which costs more than a tenner, and remember, that’s only slightly more than your average bottle of wine! We’ll also only pick books that are readily available).

Read it, and then post your thoughts on the new Book Club page; get stuck into a debate, air your views, have a chat with others about how you enjoyed/hated the book. We ask, however, that you don’t spill the beans and reveal any juicy endings to other Book Clubbers who may be reading at a slower rate that you…

th (3)

The books we’ll choose will all fall under the categories of; a good read, hard to put down, page-turners, funny, contemporary, fiction and some non-fiction. We will happily take on board your suggestions so if you want to suggest a title for a future Book of the Month please do so by emailing enquiries@soberistas.com. Each month we will do our very best to secure at least a few free copies from the publisher of our Book of the Month.

What’s January’s Book of the Month?

January’s book is The Husband’s Secret, by Liane Moriarty and published by Penguin. Penguin have kindly offered to supply two Soberistas with a free copy of the book, so if you are interested in joining the Soberistas Book Club and would like to take part in our first month’s read, then please send your name and address to enquiries@soberistas.com and in the subject box of your email, write ‘Book Club Competition’. Alternatively, or if you are not successful in winning one of the two free copies, you can buy the book here;  http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Husbands-Secret-Liane-Moriarty/dp/1405911662.

We really hope you sign up to our Book Club – happy reading!