Pep Talk For The Weekend – Reasons To Stay Sober


The weekend is upon us. It’s when most of the people we know will be drinking alcohol, and it’s when the temptation to join them can become so strong it’s almost impossible to resist. This blog has been written as a pep talk for anyone teetering on the brink of caving in – print it out and stick it on your kitchen cupboard so that you can see it next time you’re considering stepping back onto the slippery slope that is booze…

  • You have the ability to grab life by the balls and start becoming the person you want to be. You have the power to enact change, but only if you do things differently. Every little action or thought that has always led you to drinking in the past needs to be arrested, reconfigured, altered and amended. If meeting your other half in the pub after work means you won’t be able to say no to alcohol, do something else. Go for a bike ride, a swim or to the cinema. Shake things up a bit – change what you do.
  • You’ll never be as young as you are today. OK, so you might have looked in the mirror recently and been pissed off at the wrinkles and tired-looking face peering back at you, but remind yourself that time is only going in one direction. Don’t focus on how old you are; concentrate on how young you are! On how many good years you could still have in front of you, on all the stuff you could enjoy from now on, free from the self-esteem battering effects of booze. Think about how fantastic it would feel to look back on all those happy years that didn’t feature heavy drinking and regrets and terrible hangovers. You could still have that. It could start today.
  • Alcohol is not really all you may think it is. It might bring about an instant sensation of relaxation and make you imagine that you are suddenly more attractive, witty and interesting, but in reality, booze is a bit crap. It makes you fat, prematurely ages you, ruins your teeth and turns the whites of your eyes yellow. It turns you into a repetitive bore. It costs shed loads of money. It gives you a cracking headache and stops you getting off your arse and hitting the gym. It’s a killer on your liver. It encourages you to take stupid risks. It makes you fall over. It makes your breath smell. It prevents you from being particularly productive or achieving your goals. It causes mood swings. It makes you sick. In brief, alcohol is rubbish.
  • The world is changing. People everywhere are waking up to the fact that heavy drinking is (surprise, surprise) bad for you. 21% of UK adults don’t drink alcohol at all, according to the Office for National Statistics’ Adult Drinking Habits in Great Britain report released back in February 2015. Don’t feel as though you stick out like a sore thumb for being teetotal – wear your non-drinking status like the badge of honour it is. Be a part of the group that’s in the know. Embrace your sobriety, because it’s much cooler to be in control, and looking and feeling confident and strong than stumbling about, wrecking your health and wasting your life. Celebrate the fact that you have escaped the booze trap!

Remember that for most of us who have struggled with an alcohol dependency, one drink will always inevitably lead to a second. And a third. And a fourth. There is no ‘just one’ for me, and probably not for you either if you are reading this. This weekend, make yourself a promise that you will start the rest of your life right now – because (contrary to what the booze industry would have you believe) the real way to treat yourself is by sidestepping alcohol completely.

Reclaim Your Weekends from the Booze Monster!

Here’s what I love best about my alcohol-free weekends;

Knowing that I have two whole guilt-free, sick-free days in front of me in which to get things accomplished, spend time with my family and friends, and relax.

Having a mind devoid of anxiety over how much I will drink, what terrible consequences will ensue as a result and how much money I’ll plough through with repeated trips up to the shops to buy more wine and more cigarettes.

Waking up on a Saturday morning, going to the gym and having a great workout knowing that I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

Having a speedy tidy round on Friday evening and eliminating all the rubbish jobs (emptying the bin, ironing, sorting the post, vacuuming, etc.) resulting in a lovely start to the first full day of the weekend with nothing to do but the things that I really want to do.

Having more time to spend on writing my book and working on – and knowing that I will have this time, rather than leaving it up to fate to see how horrific my hangover will be, which will subsequently determine whether I achieve anything productive or not.

Eating healthy and delicious food that I know is doing me good, rather than stuffing my face full of fatty foods and carbs that I am craving as the result of a hangover. It’s all about banana smoothies, salads and lots of water for me!

glass of water

Spending time with my lovely family with none of the awful morning-after-the-night-before apologies for something bad I said or did after one too many glasses of wine.

Enjoying the feeling of real-life relaxation, rather than falling for the illusion of the alcohol-induced version,  of letting myself dissolve into a different person, someone who isn’t really me.

Knowing that everything I want to achieve this weekend will get accomplished, and nothing that I would regret or despise myself for will happen.

Happy weekend everyone!